The Secret of Certain Food To Gain Muscle

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While exercise is a vital aspect of gaining a stunning physique, there are other important factors that can affect workouts, energy and muscle building. Diet can represent a vital consideration for those looking to gain muscle mass, provoking the body to recover from difficult workouts and function in a manner conducive to exerciser’s desired results. While may exercisers looking to build muscle may realize the importance of a healthy diet in relation to workouts and fitness goals, understanding the types of foods that are best for achieving desired results can be a mystery with a plethora of information available and an array of health foods lining health food store shelves.

Muscle Building Fuel

Although stores are packed with various protein shakes, supplements and magic pills, achieving a muscular physique doesn’t require emptying one’s wallet on special products. Instead, a built, toned physique can be attained with hard work at the gym accompanying by a diet filled with healthy, unprocessed, every day foods.


High in vitamin E, nuts are particularly beneficial to the muscles after hard workouts because of the high levels of muscle repairing antioxidants. In addition, nuts are high in protein and fiber and can offer a good source of energy before working out in one small handful.


Packed full of protein, eggs can be used in a variety of meals and are even a portable snack when hard boiled. Whether eating just the whites or the whole egg, the amount of protein in this muscle building super food helps the body rebuild amino acids in the muscles after difficult workouts. Cutting out the yolk will still result in high amounts of protein from the whites, without the fat and calories the yellow center contains.


The Omega-3 fatty acids chocked in a fillet of fish or even a convenient can have been shown in studies to aid the recovery of muscles, helping them repair quicker. From salmon to tilapia, fish can offer some diversity to a diet full of chicken and eggs.

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Yogurt is a perfect snack after finishing a grueling workout, offering the ideal combination of protein and carbohydrates needed to aid recovery and fuel the rest of the days activities. Watch out for high levels of sugar and opt for plain varieties mixed with fruit. For an even higher does of protein and a deliciously creamy textured, look for plain Greek yogurt.


Chicken is one of the best food for building muscle, used by bodybuilders and weight lifters alike, for a reason. This lean protein boasts high levels of protein while remaining lean and lower in calories than many other protein sources. In addition, it can be used in a wide variety of meals and dishes, is cost efficient and easy to prepare. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts are the best option because of the lower fat and ease of use.